A new research study reveals that women code better than men. The code approval of women is higher than of men. The United States researchers have studied over 1.4 million programs source codes that were also shared on Github.

The researchers have found that the code written by women are accepted than of the men. However, the paper still requires review by the peers.Women coding

Researchers from the computer science department belonging to North Carolina State University, Cal Poly and San Luis computer science department. All the researchers have studied 4 million coders registered at Github.

Github is a great community of developers with millions of users worldwide. The researchers have assessed the genders from their profiles because the members were also using Google plus social networking. The researchers have taken the data without informing the users, but their intentions were not to compromise the privacy of users.

The pull request of 78.6 % of the women was accepted as compared to the 74.6% of the man. Researchers have intensely studied the skills of women. They considered different factors including responsiveness of women, a better understanding of issues, the programming language used by women and contributions to the programming. All these factors were easier to appraise but the researchers couldn’t able to find a correlation between the different factors.

There were no biases of gender between men and women. Apparently, women acceptance ratio is higher than the men, but if their gender is not visible and their country of origin is not outside the United States.

Researchers found women on Github more skillful and talented than the men. However, there is a great debate for recruiting the diverse workforce, especially in the programming firms. Facebook and Google have 16% and 18% of their workforce consist of women only.

However, freelance programmer ratio of women is comparatively higher than of the working women associated with any firm or company; researchers said to BBC.

So, it is proved women are better code than the men, and they should be given more chances to work in high tech firms.

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