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It’s not easily inflamed.

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One of the great joys of a new phone release is the group of people who get hold of the device and immediately try to destroy it.

This seems especially appropriate with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as its predecessor managed to destroy itself by blowing up and sometimes bursting into flames.

Here, then, is a stress test of the Note 8 released Thursday by JerryRigEverything.

Essentially, Jerry subjects the phone to extreme treatment to see how it responds. It’s a rough day for the very attractive Note 8. 

It’s probably not fun for Jerry either. The Note 8 carries a $930 price tag so torturing them is an expensive pastime. 

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The phone’s Gorilla Glass 5 screen performs well. So do the phone’s essential features, which the tester slashed away at.

Naturally, though, given its predecessor’s reputation for flaming out, the tester decides to subject the screen to a naked flame. It resists for about 10 seconds before showing damage.

Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

At heart, the evidence here suggests the Note 8 is a very well-made phone. With its hefty price tag, you’d hope so. 

Please, though, don’t bother putting your new Note 8 to a stress test. 

Just accept it for what it is. Treat it kindly. And, if you have any taste, don’t shove a case over it.

After all, we’ve just learned that it can stand up to a lot of maltreatment. 

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